• Patricia Pino

    Patricia Pino

    UX / UI Designer. Aiming to create meaningful user centered experiences and products through design and strategic thinking.

  • Helora Dana

    Helora Dana

    Product Designer no Itaú IBBA https://www.linkedin.com/in/helora-dana/

  • Aida Martínez Espún

    Aida Martínez Espún

    Friendly Product Designer from Barcelona. www.amespun.com

  • Sebastian Minoletti

    Sebastian Minoletti

    Diseñador en comunicación visual + UX

  • Lori Brewer

    Lori Brewer

  • Fabyholagd


  • mager19


    Frontend — Geek Signifique lo que sea que sea eso. Uno mas, me falta conocer a los otros 18.

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